Movie Star to Pot Belly to Daddy-o

Since my son was born in August last year, I've been a stay-at-home dad, full on embracing the absolute joy and gratefulness from being a father, and full on embracing the absolute bliss of the "dad bod." He's now almost 7 months old and so is my pot belly. *See picture for a photographic illustration of my journey.* Lately, I've been getting back into working out and less into beer belly balancing and its been a tough go. I'm close enough to my college years to think, "I can just run a mile and do 100 sit-ups and BAM, six-pack greased up and movie worthy!" But far enough to realize "Gravity succksssss...!!!" So like my body, I've got to refresh my mind and get back into the mindset it takes to achieve my goals.

I'm working out at 5am these days since the family is still asleep and that's the only time I can get away from the house, which is not making this process any easier. That leads me to this morning and the 'afterafter' photo. I got this t-shirt from two long time clients and friends of mine (thanks again superheroes). Although I've never participated in an Ironman event, nor will I likely ever, wearing this shirt inspires an Ironman mindset in me. I'll be running, or pushing, or pulling, complaining that its too early, or gasping for breath and I'll get a glimpse of this shirt and say, "You think this is bad daddy-o? Try doing this for 140.6 miles. Your pain is temporary, its fleeting and its infinitesimal compared to that of an Ironman. So buck up, daddy-o! Shake it off and finish strong!!" And I do. I buck up, I shake it off and I charge towards the end of my workout like its a finish line I've been clawing after for 15 hours and my family is there waiting and cheering.

All this being said, life is anything but a straight line. You'll have your Ryan Gossling moments and you'll have your ...not-so Ryan Gossling moments. The key thing is that you can laugh at yourself, enjoy the ride and remember what's truly important to you. Try and remember too that your pain is temporary, someone else is suffering worse, we are just a pale blue dot floating through the cosmos and your loved ones are cheering for you at the finish line.  

In love and strength. -Angelo