Own Your Mind

Boiling Water.png

Weave this Chinese proverb into your mindset and overcome anything and everything. A more common phrase that’s widely adopted is that, "we are products of our environment." The above proverb holds more truth than the latter because the latter implies a lack of control. Yes, we may be encouraged by our environments but not in the sense that we are shaped by them extrinsically. Rather, it’s our intrinsic motivation and the ownership of our ability to conquer our own thoughts and beliefs that carve our character. Own your mind, every piece of it. Take control of the voice inside your head and make it your voice. Speak to yourself with confidence and with love. Know exactly what it is you’re made of and wear it like a suit of armor. Because if you are so sure of yourself it will act as armor, and you can be dropped into boiling water or any other circumstance and come out of it like the unwavering legend that you are. 

In love and strength. -Angelo