Low Challenge Obstacle Course

Full Day and Half Day Events

This is our most popular Team Building event. Each event is personalized and customizable for your team. Find more about this event by viewing the team building flyer here and then contact us for a personalized proposal!


Shorter, Portable Events

1-4 Hours Anywhere You Want


Other more flexible team building options are also available. These events typically range from 1-4 hours and take place anywhere you choose. Some previous locations include: local parks, office buildings, private residences, and community centers. Activities at these events vary depending upon the needs and capabilities of the group. Every activity chosen however, is hands on, memorable and designed with the priority of bringing the group closer together. All events contain multiple activities throughout so to offer unique challenges and maintain engagement. 

Typically groups follow up their events with a shared meal or social outing, which we can assist with coordinating. We highly recommend that your team participate in some type of small gathering afterwards, as the group is typically "in the zone" after accomplishing the event together and conversation is lively and flowing! Click here to contact us to learn more and receive your personalized proposal!