Online Personal Training:

"I want to let you know that I love, love LOVE the app! It’s so convenient now that my job is crazy unpredictable, and getting a workout in when I can while I’m at work is saving my sanity (and probably a few broken noses)."

— Jess O. 

"Being able to train with you online is a huge part of why I've actually been able to finally lose weight!!! The app keeps me consistent in between our in person training sessions and it really helps having that extra bit of accountability at home!"

— John B.

"My personal favorite routine you've given me is the 'mobility/recovery' routine. I use this when I've been travelling or working for long stretches and it really helps to counteract all that sitting still!"

— Megan R.

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Group Fitness:

“Angelo’s group fitness classes are dynamic, engaging, fun and challenging. Each class is an interactive and supportive community of people of all ages and fitness levels. Angelo has a talent for making you believe you can reach the fitness goals you’ve always wanted to reach. And, with his help, you can!”

— Peter W.

"Its difficult for me to take a class with anyone else. Angelo has absolutely spoiled me."

— Katherine C.

"Angelo really goes above and beyond to deliver much more than just a workout. He's also masterful at modifying exercises and at making sure everyone is included and challenged."

— Bill & Mary S.


Seminars & Workshops:

"Far from your typical death by Powerpoint, Angelo really brought his workshop to life. He was funny and engaging. He had us moving and was great at keeping our attention throughout. The take home material was educational and delicious!."

— Stephanie B.



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Personal Training

I've been training with Angelo for seven years. He's invested in my success and his words of encouragement motivate me at every workout. Angelo is knowledgeable, fun and cares deeply about his clients. It comes as no surprise he has such a loyal following.”

— Christine M.

We have worked with Angelo multiple times per week, over the past six years. Our personal training sessions are always customized, fun and challenging. Angelo is attentive and focused and can immediately adapt a workout based on our feedback both before or during a session. Our workouts are always targeted to our individual goals and designed to improve our weaknesses. Angelo is excellent at incorporating mobility, balance and flexibility so we end up feeling great between training sessions as well. Definitely worth the money!”

— Jami & Ann

Team Building:

“Angelo did a terrific job of team building with our graduate students. I watched him skillfully set them up to work together creatively to overcome the different challenges. There was much laughter and confidence building and new camaraderie. Angelo knows how to bring out the best in each person and he really cares that the group succeeds.”

— Local University Department Head

"It was unlike any other team building event I've ever attended. I really enjoyed that it was outside, interactive and very creative. Our group agrees this is something we'll be bonding over for a long time to come."

— Susan P.

"I served with Angelo in the Army right at the beginning of my career. I'm now 9 years in and I've yet to experience someone more effective at and passionate about bringing the team together. He's got a gift and we were all better for it."

— Captain Kacee S.